Disney will create live content for Twitter

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Disney will collaborate with Twitter in the creation of content, especially live broadcasts of its sports television subsidiary, ESPN.

According to the agreement reached by both companies on Monday, the content will mainly cover live broadcasts. Now, the expectation is for the next announcement, the format that will be used and which will be the sports broadcasts that will start the execution of the plan. Those details will be unveiled this week to advertisers.

The association also includes the advertising that will accompany the broadcasts.

According to the statement, the video contents of the Marvel studio and the ABC network, some of the other Disney subsidiaries, should also be offered by the social network.

“Now more than ever, social platforms are putting a big focus and investments in sports related content,” said Travis Howe, vice president of ESPN.

“It’s the new great vehicle that pushes digital experiences to grow and captivate audiences,” he added.

Under the agreement, Disney’s different divisions will be able to “create unique experiences on Twitter” that include “attractive live content throughout our portfolio,” said Justin Connolly, vice president of sales and marketing for Disney and ESPN.
After the announcement of sports content, it is expected that there will be news about Marvel and Twitter. (Chuck Zlotnick, @Marvel Studios)

After the announcement of sports content, it is expected that there will be news about Marvel and Twitter. (Chuck Zlotnick, @Marvel Studios)

The collaboration with Disney crowned a day in which Twitter announced 30 new agreements for content on entertainment, sports and video games.

That package covers NBCUniversal, which will produce live content from several of its subsidiaries, such as NBC News, MSNBC, Today, Telemundo, and E! News, Twitter said.

The alliance with Disney is important for Twitter, which comes to publish, one after the other, its first two positive quarterly results and tries to consolidate its business model.

The company announced that daily video views almost doubled on its platform in the last year.

The message network reported earnings of $ 61 million in the first quarter of the year, driven by a sharp increase in advertising and a modest increase in the number of users.

Twitter, in its plan to unseat Facebook, has been taking measures to boost its user base and enrich their experiences. His latest releases were online videos, the duplication of the character limit and the famous threads, chains of messages on the same subject.