French envoy tells U.S that the Russian ‘fake news’ machine is going mad

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According to recent reports, on Tuesday, French France’s envoy located in the United States yesterday accused Moscow due to the recent spreading of fake news following Russia’s Defence Ministry who said as a French frigate in the Mediterranean that the country had launched a missiles attack on Syria. Initially, in accordance to that, the ministry said that Russian military plane earlier had been brought down by the Israeli warplanes and in addition to this, the reports stated that the Russian radar systems and air control had previously detected launched rockets from the French frigate, Auvergne.

However, the ministry said that this Russian aircraft was shot down by the Syrian anti-aircraft systems which President Vladimir Putin in his statement said that it was as a result of chance and tragic circumstances. In addition to this, Gerard Araud, France’s ambassador to Washington earlier tweeted in English that the Russian fake news machine was getting mad and in his tweet, he accused French of having shot down the Russian plane who he termed as victim of Syrian ally. Patrik Steiger, who is the current French army spokesman yesterday denied that France was involved in this incident or any kind of missiles firing. Nevertheless, the Russian media after few hours continued asking the same question about missile firing to Syria. Tass news agency, quoting statements from a military expert, said that Paris was involved partly after ithe nitial launching of the cruise missiles which originated from Auvergne.

Nevertheless, France’s presidency and also the Foreign Ministry and the Defence Ministry in accordance to this accusation had not yet officially responded to the Russian assertions and more so on these allegations about missile firing by Russia to Syria. According to the agency, the Russian fake news machine was responsible for this alert. The government have also taken initiative and told Russia to stop this fake news machine since this could lead to conflict and more so war between countries hence leading to catastrophe war due to fake news.