Putin and Erdogan must stop the Syrian bloodbath currently in Idlib province, U. N requests

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According to recent reports, on Tuesday Staffan de Mistura, U. N Syria envoy said that Syria is going to suffer badly and will not be spared on its bloodiest battle if Russian and Turkish presidents don’t communicate to each other urgently on matters pertaining the resolving of the current situation within the rebel-held region of Idlib province. However, on the same day, De Mistura said on an interview with some reporters that any talks held between Russia and Turkey would be the key to stopping and containing an assault on 2.9 million people within this region, however before any talks proceeded, six air strikes where reported on Tuesday and this suggested that these Ankara talks were not going to solve any of this.

However, according to Syria Media reports, the Syrian government in an official statement said that it was not sure on any assault but it might wait till 10th of September before launching of an assault. This time frame set was done by Syria in preparing for a summit which was going to be held between three countries, this country is Turkey, Russia, and Iran. This summit however was aimed at providing a fast solution on the current situation in Idlib.

Nevertheless, De Mistura via the media announced an appeal on accuracy and said that if the rumor circulating about increment and escalation of militarily, then there will be a new plan to begin moving individuals from this region 10th of September as the time at the moment is of the essence. According to De Misters, if the two presidents, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan would just communicate over the telephone, then this bloodshed would be prevented from happening and a way of handling this rebels would have initiated.

After communication, he added that even though time was if great essence, they still need more time to regroup and initiate new strategy to handle this matter. He said that they ask for more time for negotiations mostly between Russia and Turkey who in this battle are considered to be the main stakeholders and the medium of communication.