Rural Exhibition 2018: musculature, scrotal circumference and fattening, the keys to choose the Great Champions

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Carlos Vila Moret, Director of Genealogical Records of the Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA), tells the secrets to reach the maximum award in the central court of Palermo.

This Wednesday a new edition of Rural Exhibition 2018 was inaugurated where more than 4,000 animals of the best breeds of the country participate. From this select group, the “Grandes Campeones” will come out and will be awarded with the famous cockade in the central court of Palermo.

Specifically, the bovine breeds are those that take the look of visitors. In this edition you can see the British races (Angus, Shorthorn and Hereford), the French races (Limousin and Limangus) and the two great races that are in the north of the country (Brangus and Braford). In addition, there are breeds with less participation in the beef stock of the country such as Bovine Criollo and Murrey Gray. This year also takes the West Highland race, which comes from Scotland.

And then, you can see the dairy breeds, mainly Holando Argentino and Jersey. These two races with less participation than other years due to the crisis in the sector that has the tamberos in check.

First, when the animals enter Palermo, there is a jury of admission to check where the cattle come from, the health history of each one, scrotal circumference, fatness, among other aspects.

Then, the categories are assembled so that each animal competes in the corresponding one. And later, the classification jury swears to the Champions of each category and among these, the Grand Champion of each race is consecrated. In general there is only one jury but in some races two people swear and an arbitrator is added when they do not agree.

The categories of animals are awarded according to each one in particular. But the following can be mentioned: In males, it is divided into Calf Minor, Calf Major, Junior, Two Years Younger, Two Years Senior and Senior. And in the case of females, beef, heifers, heifers, cow and cow with breeding.

But, exactly, what do the juries observe to consecrate the best animals of each race?

“You have to demystify the fact that a person is an eccentric by choosing a colorful animal. It may be exaggerated but the jury on the Palermo track executes the mandate of the consumer, “said Carlos Vila Moret, director of Genealogical Records of the Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA).

In the case of beef vaccines, the juries look for body mass where the muscles of the main cuts of meat are highlighted (depth of the room and ribs, even and precocious thickening far from being excessive).

“The more meat the bull has, the more meat the bull will have, the son of that bull who will be the one who will consume the people,” explained the director of the SRA.

In this line, the jury, in turn, evaluates all these virtues within the animal’s shell so that it achieves an easy displacement.

On the other hand, when the animals arrive in Palermo, they enter with a higher weight than usual. It is because the ease of conversion that the animal has is measured.

“When you look for a bull, look for softness of the fattening and that is measured by the feed conversion: which of the animals eats less and fattens more,” said Vila Moret.