The 5 awesome shows of Time magazine drones

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The drones of Intel, one of the leading companies in the manufacture of processors for the PC and recently organized an amazing show for the last cover of Time magazine, have in their possession several light shows where they materialized in the sky from the rings Olympics to the figure of the Wonder Woman.

The so-called Shooting Star (shooting star, in Spanish) were designed by Intel to offer more than four billion color combinations. They weigh about 300 grams, are made up of foam and plastic, and perform the function of making visually stunning aerial displays.

In fact, the US company set a Guinness record by flying 500 of these unmanned ships simultaneously on October 7, 2016, in Hamburg, Germany.

Madness in Las Vegas

At the beginning of 2018, punctually on January 7, they also added another record for flying 100 mini drones at the Park Theater. It was in the framework of the press conference offered by the CEO of the company, Brian Krzanich, in the preview of the technological fair CES 2018.

But that was not the only time that the Las Vegas sky shone brighter than normal. A total of 250 drones offered a striking light show during the opening of the CES 2018, when flying over the emblematic Bellagio hotel in the city of Nevada.

Drones and sports

The so-called Drone Light Show of Intel also ventured into the world of sports events. The company performed this kind of lightshow during the 2018 Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang, China, and even the 2017 Super Bowl.

In this latest event, 300 drones drew stars and the United States flag over the NRG Stadium in Houston. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga sang ‘God Bless America’. This had been the greatest achievement of Intel until what happened with the cover of the new edition of TIME magazine.

The Wonder Woman, by drones

Even the cinema was represented by the Shooting Star for the release of the film Wonder Woman, in September of 2017, when they decided to take it to the Blue-ray format.

The exhibition included 300 drones that were launched into the sky over Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to form from words related to the film, the DC logo and Wonder Woman, and even created the figure of Diana from Themyscira.