Tornado hits leaving hundreds of thousands without power in Ottawa

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According to recent reports, on Saturday, after a tornado which touched down twice thereby ripping off the roofs of houses and more so destroying some houses completely left Hundreds of thousands of people stranded and nevertheless without power in, out and around the Canadian capital Ottawa. According to Mayor Jim Watson, this high winds battered all the region within and in Ottawa and after the disconnection to the power grid, it may take several days before the electricity was fully restored. According to reports from the local authorities, at least six people during the tornado were injured. Watson during the interview with the reporters said that according to the previous natural occurrence, this tornado was among top 2 or 3 traumatic events which have ever affected the city this way. According to Watson, the drastic event looked like something which was derived from a war scene or rather a movie scene.

In accordance to the event, this high winds damaged the major parts of Ottawa’s main electrical substations. The officials said that around 200,000 people who lived on both sides of the river were disconnected from the main grid after the main electricity lines where damaged and thereby this parts at the moment suffer from power shortage. Gatineau and Ottawa together have a population of around 1.3 million people living within these two cities. According to Ottawa resident, Todd Nicholson in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp said that they have absolutely lost everything. As far as he is concerned he has a beer fridge which at the moment is sitting in his garage, to him, this was the only thing which was untouched after the occurrence of the tornado. He also added that everything else he had was gone. He also said that during the tornado occurrence he was at work. When it stopped he went back home only to find everything is gone. This according to residence was a catastrophe event which left thousands homeless and a small portion injured. Nevertheless, the damage was huge but the government is assisting people in relocating and more so providing food and shelter to the displaced people.