U.S. Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, warns Russian from meddling in anyway the upcoming Macedonia referendum

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According to recent reports, on Monday, Jim Mattis, the U.S. Defense Secretary accused Russia of their attempt to influencing of the final outcome concerning a referendum which is going to commence soon in Macedonia pertaining changing of their country’s name which according to them would open multiple way and channels for them to join the European Union and more so NATO. Immediately after Skopje talks with Macedonia’s leaders, Mattis in his statement said that the United States of America are looking into expanding their cybersecurity cooperation together with this small Balkan country. In accordance to the upcoming referendum, Macedonians are expected to vote on 30 September. This was after Macedonian government reached a deal in June together with the neighboring country Greece. The neighboring country would one way or another change its country’s name to its new name, the Republic of Northern Macedonia. In the meanwhile, Athens, on the other hand, insisted Macedonia to change its name to Republic of Northern Macedonia in Return of Athens to lifting all its opposition of Skopje joining the European Union (E. U) and more so NATO.

However, Jim Mattis, the U.S. Defense Secretary spoke to the reporters whom he was traveling with to Skopje that as the U. S. the government has do not want in any way to see Russia in Macedonia trying to do what they previously tried doing in many countries around the world. Apparently, Mattis referring to the incidence added that Washington’s concerns where related to what really transpired in 2016 whereby Russian tried to meddle in the U.S. presidential election and related polls. Mattis however, in his statement which he was unclear on how Moscow’s efforts had been said that there is no doubt that Russia have already transferred money which currently is being used in conducting broader campaigns and more so influence its people. Russia, on the other hand, has denied all this accusations and charges of their attempt on the referendum meddling. However, Russia have strongly opposed Macedonia’s government to join the NATO. According to ambassador representing the country in Skopje said that if the country joins NATO then the country would become legitimate target if the ongoing relations between the NATO and Russia deteriorate.